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Shipping Policy

MG2G can help provide quotes and arrange delivery, which is paid for by the buyer. All delivery and/or shipping costs are paid for by the buyer. The shipping method for each product is based on size and the seller’s preference. The cost of shipping varies based on item size and method. Additional charges may apply in some cases, including but not limited to delivery locations with limited accessibility or special handling to complete delivery.

Return & Exchange Policy

​Buyers opting for local pick up may refuse any/or all items for any reason for a full refund at the time of pick up. Once the buyer takes possession of the item, it is no longer eligible for a refund. If an item is delivered, it may be refused at the point of delivery for any reason. However, the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. If the item is damaged
during the delivery, the insured mover is responsible for the shipping costs and replacement cost of the item. All returns must occur within two weeks of the purchase date to be eligible for a refund.

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