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Love & Support For Jenny Corley

Please help us with our fundraiser for our friend Jenny Corley.

Months ago, Jenny was diagnosed with Stage 4 Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma, a rare aggressive form of lymphoma that affects the blood cells.

Jenny is beautiful, she is fun, and she is smart. Jenny is funny and she is generous. She is a mother of two beautiful adult daughters. She has her own business as a practicing esthetician (Jenzskin) which she worked very hard to build and grow into something successful. Unfortunately, her current condition does not allow her to sustain this business and treat her clients. Her income stream is essentially gone until this cancer is kicked and a part of the past.

This journey promises to be long and costly. Your donation and support would provide great relief in the financial area of the challenge. Your prayers and positive energy would provide valued emotional and spiritual support. Anything you can do financially and/or spiritually to support Jenny would be most appreciated. Please follow the link in our bio to donate anything you can ❤️

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